Removing scars on darker skin is relatively difficult compared to light skinned individuals. The reason for this medical phenomenon is the fact that dark skinned individuals have larger concentration of melanin. The large concentration of melanin increases the chance of pigmentation in the skin which ultimately results to darker skin tones.

The reason why acne in dark skin is a bit challenging compared to light skin is not that dark skin is thicker. The reality actually is the opposite: individuals with darker skin are more prone to skin problems through treatments. Increased sensitivity through various types of treatments points to the high concentration of melanin.

If you have dark skin and you are looking for ways to remove acne scars, extra care should be exercised to prevent complication and additional skin problems.

Removing Acne Scars through Retinoid Cream

People with dark skin should avoid using standard cream especially the OTC creams that claims to remove acne scars. While this may be effective in fair-skin individuals, it could have some serious side effects on those with dark skin. Hyper pigmentation which further darkens the skin is a common side effect.

Dermatologists prescribe retinoid cream to individuals with darker skin. Retinoid cream is a prescription-only cure that helps in removing acne scars without drying the skin that causes hyper pigmentation. Since it’s a prescription only cream, consult a professional first to determine if you could use this type of solution to your skin problem.

Dealing with Acne Scars through Light Operation

A “shortcut” in dealing with acne scars is actually through light procedure. Although there are various methods and procedures that directly deal with acne scars, the common factor is to remove the skin where the acne scar occurs so that newer skin would grow. With direct supervision of a professional, the skin will grow back without the scars.

This solution is very popular but that doesn’t mean everyone subscribes to this method. Because it will require expertise, experience and equipment, light procedure that removes acne scars could be very expensive.

The Natural Solutions

Although there are practically hundreds of creams and solutions that claim they could help in removing acne scars even those with dark skin, the natural method is often thought as the risk-free alternative. Fortunately, there are a handful of natural products that you can use to effectively deal with acne scars.

Honey is a well known solution for acne scars because of its skin growth properties. Apply honey consistently in the affected area a few times daily and you’ll eventually notice skin rejuvenation. Fruits and vegetables with Vitamin C and E are also effective in dealing with acne scars because of their skin rejuvenation and anti-oxidant properties. This method may take some time before any visible results but it’s safe and inexpensive.