This article was written in a very general tone. It is related to spotting down the best laser hair removal clinics in New York City. From a bigger perspective, the subject of something being “best” or highly superior to some other being, or thing, is of controversial nature. If you happen to live in New York City, probably you’ll find one of the coolest and bestest laser hair removal clinics over there.

However, a guy or a girl living outside NYC would prefer to go somewhere local because there’s a lesser probability of them getting to know about “Laser Hair Removal” thingy in the infamous NYC. Okay, with that thing set aside, let’s move on to the subject matter of what kind of clinics you’d be bumping in New York.

A few years ago, America, from a general perspective, didn’t have that many laser clinics. Maybe it’s because of the reason that people used to treat acne and all the would-be laser related issues, in a very conventional manner. Speaking of acne, or scars, back then the doctor would let you off with a bar of soap and a list of tattered things. Lasers simply made things better; people started eyeing them as a useful prospect.

So when tons of laser hair removal clinics opened up here and there, the competition spiked up as well. Prices went low and a vigorous sense of professionalism came into existence. Doctors try to impress their patients with a nice portfolio that covers tons of laser treatments, and package or discount deals that are a little hard to pass up on.

When we talk about Laser Hair Removal NYC in particular, there’s a special attribute linked to it. Laser experts in NYC are known for their extra courteousness, and a habit of fully satisfying the patient no matter how long it takes. For instance, if you were to get signed up for a total of 4 – 6 sessions, they’ll still let you come back for over a year, and that too at a very affordable price.

Take a look at a list of laser hair removal NYC clinics below:

1.       Assara Laser Hair Removal

Assara is located in the Midtown area, right there in one of the busiest areas of New York. On the internet, Assara is recognized from over 500 well received reviews, and a boat load of positive rating. It’d be in your best interest to call them at: (347) – 537 – 4971, PRIOR to heading over there.

The representatives on the other end will hook you up with a doctor who’ll give you a general walkthrough tour of what to expect and the appropriate laser hair removal treatments.

Assara Laser Hair Removal Address: 7 W 51st, New York, NY 10019

Assara’s Competitive Edge: Rated as one of the Best Laser Clinics for the use of Cynosure Apogee Elite, and its collection of professional doctors.

Assara takes pride in offering expertise related to laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, laser skin treatments, spider vein treatment and etc. They like to say that their process is far more painless than waxing, plucking and tweezing. However, you may find Assara’ rates to be a little more painful. For $500 per month, the basic full body treatment is offered. For that rate, expect to get rid of hair from any region of your body.


2.       Tres Belle:

Followed by Assara, Tres Belle is yet another renowned laser hair removal clinic. Their laser treatment is all based on non-invasive techniques, which means that it is quite similar to Assara’s. It is highly recommended that you call Tres Belle representatives first because they don’t drop any hints regarding price and cost factor.

The expert on the other end will simply let you off with a general consultation. You’d have to go to the clinic in person for further progress of any kind with a wide variety of laser treatments.

Tres Belle Phone No.: (917) – 512 – 8157

Tres Belle Address: 105 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

This clinic is known for permanent hair reduction for all kinds of skins. In addition to their regular set of services, the experts at Tres Belle also offer expertise in the areas of IPL Scar Removal, Skin Resurfasing, Dermal Filling, Power Peel, Customized Packages.

You will also be offered discounts at a steady rate if you were to pay them regular visits. Ms. Tres Belle, the owner of the clinic, always encourages her potential clientele for a face-to-face meeting. She likes to know their requirements in details before starting with the laser hair removal treatment of any type.