As much as acne is a major category irritation for you, it is a sheer source of embarrassment as well. Laser treatment for acne might be the only and the last treatment that can grant you a perfectly smooth and equally glowing skin. Let’s see what this treatment is all about…

First of all, acne is one form of skin ailments that has never been completely cured… until now. Several years ago, doctors used to recommend the usage of Anti-Acne Soap, but it wasn’t that much effective. Even though it is true that acne formation is caused by a special class of bacteria formation within the skin pores, ordinary treatments and acne soap bars couldn’t take care of the problem.

Laser acne treatment, on the other hand, is more effective because it directly targets the affected areas of the skin, without provoking the occurrence of any side effects. In ordinary cases, a doctor simply devises a solution that consists of an infra-red laser beam projection on the surface of the skin. This is a non-invasive treatment, which supposedly takes care of everything that you need to take care of.

In case of a major acne outbreak, the treatment takes over the course of several appointments that are solely intended to block the sebaceous skin glands. The laser, in this case, can be quite handy as its intensity can rid the skin of bacterial infection forever.


How Does a Laser Acne Treatment Start?

Obviously it takes off with a tantrum against acne. Followed by that, you go to your dermatologist, who further probes into the problem, only to come up with a prescription that lies at the office of a laser expert. The latter category doctor relates to a more expert level of medicine, and his job is to assess your skin condition.

After the assessment, a significant number of appointments are devised. If everything goes according to the plan, the appointments will be over at the expected time schedule; otherwise a follow-up session of further appointments will need to be taken on to. The doctor will also determine the type of your acne, which will help in the diagnosis of a proper category laser acne treatment.


Types of Acne Conditions:

Every acne condition requires a specific type of treatment. Hence, it is quite safe to say that all classes of acne cannot be cured with laser treatment. Some minor level problems can be dealt with through Over-The-Counter measurements that consist of oral antibiotics, oral Retinoids, Hormonal Treatments and Topical medicines.

-          Box Car Scars: This category of acne marks is made up of angular scars. These scars have a sturdy texture that resembles chicken pox.




-          Ice Pick Scars: These acne scars have a short length, while the degree of their depth into the skin cannot be limited to a specific measurement. In some severe cases, icepick acne scars can go down pretty deep into the skin.


-          Hypertrophic Acne Marks: These acne marks are thicker as compared to the above categories. Doctors also call them keloid scars in alternative medical linguistics.



The treatment prevails over the usage of a laser pen. While this pen emits a laser beam, the doctor hovers it over the acne affected area of the skin. The back and forth movement of the laser pen ensures that the laser beam is evenly projected on the skin, so as to diminish the affected tissues. As a result, the skin develops newer tissues that are healthier and easily fill up the microscopic crevices.



Does It Hurt During Acne Laser Treatment?


Yes, in some cases, it will hurt you while the laser is zapping away your acne infested skin tissues. An anesthesiologist will probably administer the procedure so that you can be properly sedated through and through. In minor level cases, you’ll feel as if someone is hitting you with a rubber band; a feeling quite irritating but not as much painful.



The Cost Factor:


Once again, the cost will depend on the doctor’s level of greediness, the going rate, and the seriousness of your case. If you’re looking forward to the full face acne treatment, the entire procedure will cost you a lot more than patch treatment, but also at the same time, the doctor will likely offer you a discount as sign of a valued business relationship.



Treatment of acne is a result of time and patience. However, once the laser treatment is over, you will end up with long lasting positive results.